We create wedding videos that are a cinematic experience.
Capturing more than just your wedding day, we craft your story into a movie you’ll love.

Don’t Wait Months to See Your Wedding Videos; Hire Wedding Movies for More Satisfying Video Packages in Western Suburbs Melbourne

The impulse is a natural one: you wake up on your wedding day after months or years of planning, get ready, get married and have fun. It’s the perfect day, one that you will remember for the rest of your life. Once the whole thing is over, though, it can be somewhat difficult to come down from the intoxicating wedding experience. After all, you’ve thought about your wedding and probably little else for many, many days. For most couples, wedding planning starts in earnest the moment the ring is on the bride’s finger and doesn’t stop until the bride is walking down the aisle. Even with the honeymoon and a life with the person you love to look forward to, waking up the morning after the wedding and not having to think about guest lists or flower arrangements anymore can feel more than a little bit odd.

For this reason, waiting for wedding photos or wedding videos can be the ultimate test of patience for newly married couples. You spent months or years planning the perfect wedding; then you lived it; now, all you want to do is re-live it. The problem is that photographers and videographers need time to edit their pictures or wedding movies and make them into art. You deserve a high-quality finished product, and you wouldn’t get it if your photographer or videographer rushed the photos or videos to you the day after the wedding.

Striking a Happy Medium

At Wedding Movies, if you choose us for your wedding videos in Western Suburbs Melbourne, we will strive to strike a happy medium between quick gratification and the lengthier, more artistic process of preparing a perfect wedding film. All of our wedding video packages include a ‘Wedding Movie Trailer,’ which delivers a 90-second super-cut highlights version of your wedding day. We start editing and creating this quick compilation of your wedding day’s best moments immediately after your wedding and usually deliver it within four to seven days. We upload the trailer to the web, so it’s easy for you to share with friends and family on social media or through email.

From experience, we can tell you that our clients love the Wedding Movie Trailer. The other components of our wedding video packages in Western Suburbs Melbourne will take longer to finalise—including the dramatic highlights reel, scored to music of your choice, and the full-length documentary-style edit. However, since most brides and grooms get the web trailer while they are still on their honeymoon, it’s a great way to see some video work and get a taste of the finished product right away. With the trailer, you can start revisiting your wedding day while it is still fresh in your mind, instead of waiting months to see even a single from of your wedding video.

Call Wedding Movies for a Consultation about Our Wedding Video Packages in Western Suburbs Melbourne

The 90-second web trailer is just the tip of the iceberg for the wedding video packages we offer at Wedding Movies. Learn more about our video options by calling us on 1300 32 57 58 and setting up a one-on-one consultation. We will tell you about our standard packages and how we can customise each to suit your wants and needs perfectly. From there, you can book us for your wedding or go elsewhere for a videographer quote. As a courtesy, our consultations are completely free and zero-obligation. We just want you to have all of the information you need to make an educated decision about your wedding videos in Western Suburbs Melbourne.