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How to Choose the Right Wedding Video Package for Your Mt Dandenong Celebration

It goes without saying that organising the perfect wedding day takes plenty of planning and hard work. There are many different components to consider when plotting out a wedding, from hammering out the guest list to choosing the venue. Add all of the people you have to hire for the big day—the florist, the photographer, the celebrant, the DJ and live musicians for the ceremony, to name just a few possibilities—and it’s easy to see why organising a wedding is such a daunting (and expensive) process. In more ways than one, planning the perfect wedding is like directing a film.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Wedding Video Packages in Mt Dandenong

Amidst all of the logistical considerations that come with planning a wedding, don’t forget to hire a videographer. Wedding videos can capture your Mt Dandenong celebration in unique and memorable ways—from documenting your vows to capturing your Best Man’s riotously funny toast. You will want to relive your wedding day in the days, months and years that follow. A wedding video is the best way to do that.

As with choosing a photographer or florist, the cost and scope of hiring a videographer can vary quite a bit depending on the package you choose for the service. To help yourself choose a wedding video package in Mt Dandenong, try to answer the questions below.

  • What is your budget? Money is the one thing that every bride and groom wish they didn’t have to worry about. Unfortunately, money is also the one element that every person planning a wedding will have to consider. How much are you willing to spend on your entire day? How much do you have allocated for getting a great wedding video? At Wedding Movies, our wedding video packages in Mt Dandenong start at $2,200, but we can work to customise a package to fit your specific budget range.
  • What do you want captured in your video? Wedding videos come in all different formats. Some are just compilations of the key moments, including the ceremony, the first dance and the toasts at the reception. Others cover more of the day, including scenes of each wedding party getting ready or the madness going down on the dance floor late into the night. Ask yourself how much of your day you want your wedding video to capture. Then, work with your wedding videographer to design a service package that suits those needs.
  • Do you want opportunities to tell your story? Some of the best wedding videos are made great because the bride, groom and videographer collaborated to make something special. At Wedding Movies, we provide video packages that include both wedding coverage and relaxed interviews that allow you to tell your love story. These packages make your wedding video more unique and help convey the full sweep of your romance.

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