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Wedding Videography Basics, From the Wedding Videographer Yarra Valley Trusts

Have you ever stopped to wonder about what goes into shooting a great wedding video? Not the kind that can be done by any untrained amateur with their very first camera, but a high quality film experience that really tells the story of that significant day. A wedding videography experience that can only be delivered by seasoned pros who are experts in their fields. At Wedding Movies, we specialise in wedding videography in Yarra Valley and want our clientele to be up to date on some of the processes that go into shooting awesome wedding footage. Here are two critical factors that separate the pros from everyone else.

Keys to Successful Wedding Videography

Preparation. Before your wedding even begins, a good wedding videography team will let you meet with a producer, who learns to understand details about you and your life. Your personality, background, and expectations about how the final product will look, all factor into the creation of your wedding movie. The experience should be tailor made to best represent you and what makes you unique. The shots, the angles, the editing, and musical selection should all complement who you are as people, and truly bring the most out of a personal story. On your special day, a good wedding videographer will know the schedule and layout of the venue like the back of their hand, so they can obtain the best shots while remaining invisible to your guests. Nothing is more intrusive than having a big camera waving around in everyone’s faces, and staying in the background ensures that everyone’s reactions are organic and natural. Your wedding videographer should also have the ability to do a multi-camera setup. This will enable them to catch all the action and reduce the likelihood of missing any significant moments.

The Right Gear. Any wedding videographer worth their salt knows that they need the correct equipment to do the job right. As we mentioned, multiple cameras are a necessity to craft an appropriate narrative of your wedding day. If your wedding videographer is savvy, they’ll make sure that all their camera gear is high-quality, and captures video in the same format. This will ensure that the final product, which will be edited together from multiple cameras, gels nicely and looks properly balanced. Wedding videography requires appropriate lighting to make sure all the shots are of the right quality. Dim, poorly lit shots are almost always left on the cutting room floor (so to speak) so making sure the footage can be properly viewed is a must. Your wedding videography crew will also make sure to bring in good audio recording gear. The right microphones are essential to capturing sound correctly, and a wedding movie with no dialogue probably isn’t the finished product of your dreams.

Need A Wedding Videographer in Yarra Valley?

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