Who is the Best of the Wedding Videographers and Providers of Videography in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne?

Best is a word that you might find hard to define. The best quality? The best service? The best price? At Wedding Movies, we would like to think that we are all of the above. We are not just videographers – we are filmmakers specialising in the art of capturing your story. Our team is aiming to exceed your expectations which should be clear from the timeless and classic example videos present on the website. As for prices, our prices are not the lowest or the highest you can find – but what you are certain to discover is that our services are incredible value for the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne – because this fabulous remembrance of your special day is actually priceless.

Attention to Detail

At Wedding Movies, we call ‘normal’ what others call ‘extra’. Every package includes the necessary elements to make sure it is exactly what you want. It starts with time spent with you planning your personalised Wedding video and continues with Wedding Movies’ Trademark Cinematic filming style including interviews to make sure you can tell your story. We use multiple Hi-definition cameras to make sure we can see everything, and wireless microphones to hear every word. Once the wedding videography footage has been collected, we start putting together your final package. We will use your choice of music, personalised packaging, and even a personal webpage to share with your friends and family. It may be tempting to save money by having a friend or relative capture video of your special day, but they do not have the equipment, passion or expertise to produce a timeless captivating record of your special day.

Wedding Movies Specialises in Wedding Videography in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, but our Wedding Videographer Can Also Assist in Your International Wedding.

Companies that only work locally in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne are not prepared for your fabulous destination wedding. Curious about what that might look like as a Wedding Movie? Check out Stella & Peter’s story about their destination wedding in Fiji!! (https://vimeo.com/74439492)

We will spend the time and effort necessary to become familiar with your foreign venue and carefully plan to make sure all of our personnel and equipment arrive in due time. But we won’t be kicking back and vacationing – we are there to ensure that your wedding videography tells your story because you only get one shot to memorialise this special day forever.


Since you and your guests are likely to continue your vacations at the destination of the wedding, we can probably even set up a special surprise for you before you fly home. Although the full wedding movie will not be available during your honeymoon, talk to us about making arrangements to have the short “teaser” video available within a week. Our team gives you step by step instructions on how to set the date up with a local cinema – including what format is needed to play the short clip of your wedding movie on their equipment. Wouldn’t that be a fabulous way to cement the whole joyful experience in everyone’s mind before they fly home to resume their normal routine here in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne?