We create wedding videos that are a cinematic experience.
Capturing more than just your wedding day, we craft your story into a movie you’ll love.

Unique Wedding Video Packages Available in Melbourne

Every wedding day is unique, and it should be. Even if most ceremonies and receptions hit a number of requisite wedding components (the vows, the kiss, the speeches, the father/daughter dance, the first dance, etc.), the day is made unique and singular by the fact that every couple’s story is unique and singular.

When you are searching for wedding video packages in Melbourne, you may find that too many wedding video businesses don’t capture the rare, unique facets of the weddings they film. Most wedding videos are generic and boring, capturing the key moments of the day, but doing so with no flare, creativity or passion. There’s a reason that many brides and grooms only watch their wedding video once before they store it away in a keepsake box.

At Wedding Movies, it is our mission to provide wedding video packages in Melbourne that you will want to watch over and over again-whether with friends, kids, grandkids, or just with your spouse on future anniversaries. We achieve that goal by really getting to know the bride and groom, and by working to understand what makes them and their love story unique.

Ever since we started shooting weddings in 2002, our focus has always been on story. As a result, our wedding video packages in Melbourne are completely different than anything else you will find in the area. They are more cinematic; they are more narrative-based; they utilise interviews and clever editing and production values to really encapsulate why these two people love each other. They are, in a word, as unique as the weddings they chronicle.

Don’t settle for a generic wedding video. Understand that your wedding day is perhaps the only day in your life that will be completely yours, and take that opportunity to really turn the lens on yourself. Learn how Wedding Movies can help, by visiting us online at www.weddingmovies.com.au.