We create wedding videos that are a cinematic experience.
Capturing more than just your wedding day, we craft your story into a movie you’ll love.

Find the Perfect Provider of Wedding Videos in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne – Pick out the Timeless Video Packages Created by Wedding Movies.

Now that you have stumbled upon our website you are probably looking to see what kind of wedding packages we offer. Well, the better question is to ask what kind of wedding video packages we don’t offer! We offer personalised service to help you plan and customise your wedding videos here in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

The Planning Stages

Your story is beautiful and unique from the day you met through the proposal and beyond. We want to make sure that our wedding video packages are tailored to help you capture all of the elements of the romance that brought you to your special day.

The Wedding Movies journey begins with your Producer Meeting, where we get to know you both, your personalities, your likes and dislikes, and your culture and expectations. Step by step we work with you to plan how we will film and edit your Wedding Movie to represent you and what makes you extraordinary best. Do you need to incorporate two different sites or cultures, or planning a destination wedding? We can do that. Have you been dreaming of recreating the ballroom scene from Beauty and the Beast or the shipboard sunset kiss from the Little Mermaid? Let us know. Maybe you want the interview package expanded to spend more time with the flower girls and ring bearer so that they will have a clear reminder of the event when they are grown. If you think you want something, please ask – our creative consultants will help you realise your vision, and no matter where your wedding is held, the planning stages can all be done right here in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Picking out your Wedding Video Package for Your Ceremony in or Away from the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne – Three Types of Wedding Videos

We offer three major packages: The Highlights, Cinematic, and Cinematic Premium. You will be pleased with any of the packages you select, as they are all timeless and classic, the choice is more dependent on the length of the final production of your dreams.

The basic Highlights wedding video package provides up to 8 hours of filming using multiple High Definition cameras and professional sound equipment. Post production you will receive a short film (web trailer) showing the best moments that is available for viewing within a few days of your wedding. Final Editing will give you your choice of a Formalities Edit that will include the ceremony, speeches, first dance, etc. or a Highlights Edit that runs for 7-15 minutes and be dramatically edited to your choice of music.

The Cinematic and Cinematic Premium packages build on the basic core of the Highlights package. Cinematic allows for 12 hours of footage and adds on interviews and a full-length documentary, and gives you more editing control over your wedding videos. The Cinematic Premium increases filming time and personnel hours and offers even more choices about the final product. Please read more about each package and contact us with questions about how we can meet and exceed your expectation for wedding videos here in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.