We create wedding videos that are a cinematic experience.
Capturing more than just your wedding day, we craft your story into a movie you’ll love.

Wedding Movies: A Fully Professional and Accredited Wedding Cinematographer in Melbourne

When you get a haircut you don’t like, you simply make a not to yourself not to return to that hairdresser in the future. When you have a bad experience at a restaurant, you cross that restaurant off your list of places to eat.

These two examples explain how most consumer relationships work: you try something, and if the service is bad, you choose not to be a repeat customer. Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing a wedding cinematographer, it doesn’t work like that. You only have one chance to choose the right person to capture video of your wedding, and if you make the wrong choice, it’s a mistake you will have to live with.

If you are currently in the process of comparing and contrasting wedding cinematography specialists in Melbourne, the experience may be daunting. How can you be sure that you are choosing a cinematographer that will truly capture the story of your wedding day?

At Wedding Movies, a trusted source for wedding cinematography in Melbourne since 2002, we make the knowing part easy. With more than a decade of experience in this industry, glowing reviews from countless couples that we have worked with in the past and accreditation from the Australian Video Producers Association and Australian Bridal Services, you can choose us with peace of mind that we are going to provide you with an exemplary service.

Want to know more about what we do, how we work and why we are different from other wedding cinematography companies in or around Melbourne? Visit Wedding Movies on the web, at weddingmovies.com.au!