Non-Invasive Wedding Cinematography in Brighton

We’ve all heard horror stories about nightmare wedding photographers or cinematographers. From the photographer who shows up in jeans and a t-shirt, looking like a slob at an otherwise elegant and formal event, to the cinematographer who pushes his way into every moment of your special day, bad photographers and cinematographers can ruin or tarnish a wedding.

At Wedding Movies, though, we understand our role and do everything in our power to make your wedding day better, rather than worse. We have been offering wedding cinematography services in Brighton since 2002, and have captured video for countless ceremonies and receptions in the years since. In that time, we’ve learned all of the boundaries and etiquette of this industry, and know precisely how to capture your wedding experience without being invasive or distracting.

First of all, when you contract our wedding cinematography services in Brighton, you won’t have to worry about us showing up underdressed. On the contrary, our cinematographers always dress like guests, blending into the crowd at your ceremony and reception seamlessly.

Secondly, we mostly prefer to let your wedding day unfold naturally, without inserting ourselves into the action in the way some photographers do. We do like to interview the bride and groom before the wedding, just to better capture the love story between them. However, when you work with Wedding Movies, what you can expect is one of the least invasive, highest quality wedding cinematography services available in Brighton.

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