We create wedding videos that are a cinematic experience.
Capturing more than just your wedding day, we craft your story into a movie you’ll love.

Why You Should Book a Wedding Cinematographer in Melbourne

These days, many soon-to-be-wed couples are looking to slash as many expenses for their wedding as possible. It’s not difficult to see why: weddings are expensive, from reserving a hall for the ceremony, to paying for dinner and drinks for 200 people at the reception. Add flowers, photography, music, attire and invitations, and most weddings tend to go over budget.

All of these costs can cause couples to make compromises and sacrifices with what they want for their wedding. One of the most common sacrifices is to book a wedding photographer, but skip the wedding cinematographer. ‘If I have photos, that will be enough,’ many brides or grooms theorise. ‘I don’t need a wedding video as well.’

But while photographs will tell much of your story, they won’t tell the whole thing. A photo of a wedding ceremony doesn’t capture the emotional nature of the vows that a bride and groom have written for one another; a photo of a father giving a speech doesn’t capture the beautiful things he said to his daughter on her wedding day; a photo of the dance floor doesn’t encapsulate the euphoric joy of the experience.

That’s where Wedding Movies, an experienced wedding cinematographer in Melbourne, comes into the equation. We catch the important moments your special day on film, from the vows to the speeches to the father/daughter and mother/son dances. With photos, you can remember your day, but with our cinematic wedding movies, you will be able to relive it time and time again.

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