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Three Reasons to Include a Cinematographer in Your Mt Dandenong Wedding Budget

It’s understandable that some brides and grooms want to keep their wedding budgets as modest as possible. Whether you are paying for the event out of your own pocket or trying to save your parents some money, you have probably gone over everything from the guest list to common wedding services, looking for places to make cuts. Unfortunately, next to inviting few people, a wedding cinematographer is often the first expense off the budget list.

The logic why brides and grooms sometimes opt to skip the videographer makes sense. After all, you are already hiring a photographer (or a team of photographers) to capture every angle of your special day. Do you really need a wedding cinematographer there too? Wouldn’t the two services capture most of the same moments?

Why You Will Want a Wedding Video

However, at Wedding Movies, a wedding cinematography company servicing Mt Dandenong and the entire Melbourne area, we often find that married couples who skipped the videographer regret doing so later. While pictures are worth a thousand words, they are mementos of your wedding day in a different way than a video would be. Here are three reasons you will want a wedding video to look back on your special day.

  1. Your wedding video will capture your vows: One of the biggest reasons that couples hire wedding cinematographers in Mt Dandenong is because they want their vows to be captured. The moment when you stand up at the altar in front of family and friends and pledge yourself to the person you love is, of course, one that you will never forget. However, just because that moment is burned into your mind doesn’t mean that you won’t want to relive it. A wedding video can capture your vows, letting you watch you and your fiancé express their love for each other over and over again. From revisiting those moments on anniversaries to sharing them with kids one day, having a wedding video provides opportunities that you just can’t get from photographs.
  2. Your wedding video will capture the toasts: Even if you don’t record your vows, there’s a chance you have them written down somewhere. It’s much more difficult to recapture toasts from your Best Man, your Maid of Honour or the parents and grandparents of the bride and groom. From the funny toasts to the touching and emotional ones, these speeches are some of the nicest things anyone will ever say about you and your spouse. You will want to relive those moments in the future.
  3. Your wedding video will help you catch moments you missed: You can’t experience every moment of your wedding day firsthand. A wedding video can capture both wedding parties as they prepare for the ceremony, can put a spotlight on guests when they arrive at the reception venue or can show you what was happening on the dance floor when you were off talking to guests. In short, investing in wedding cinematography in Mt Dandenong gives you a fuller appreciation for how special your day was for everyone involved.

Choose Wedding Movies as Your Wedding Cinematographer in Mt Dandenong

Don’t cut the videographer from your budget only to regret not having a wedding video later. Instead, call Wedding Movies and let us design the perfect wedding cinematography package for your special day. Trust us: this memento is one you will want to have in the years to come.