We create wedding videos that are a cinematic experience.
Capturing more than just your wedding day, we craft your story into a movie you’ll love.

What Choices do I Have for Wedding Cinematographers and Cinematography in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne?

Think it isn’t worth the cost and effort to choose high-end Wedding cinematographer for your wedding in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne? Think again. Wedding Movies is here to change your mind. A movie of your wedding will capture all of the sights and sounds of your wedding and take you back to that day again and again. Consider that you are having your gorgeous wedding at Tatra Receptions or Leonda By The Yarra, or at another special venue in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne linked to the day you met or the important bonds of family. How can photographs alone possibly capture the mood of the day? How can you be certain that the wedding cinematographer that you choose will properly memorialise the event? You know that a photo alone will not trigger memories as powerful as you will experience after viewing your wedding movie, but you may not be convinced that there is a difference in wedding cinematographers in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Other companies will make you a wedding video – our goal is to make a cinematic masterpiece that will make you cry with joy – again and again. Isn’t it worth investing in the best?

Don’t Compare Apples to Oranges

At Wedding Videos, we have cutting edge technology to capture the best in video and sound. We use Multiple Hi-definition cameras so we see everything, wireless microphones so we can hear everything. We can use jibs, dollies, glide-tracks, steady cam rigs, and drones to capture all the action from every angle! We can even recreate scenes from your favourite movies and plays.

“But a lot of people have cool tech,” you say. Well, that is only part of the reason we stand apart from the crowd. The superiority of your experience with our wedding cinematographer starts before a single segment is filmed. We sit down with you and REALLY work hard to get to know you and what your hopes and dreams are for not just your wedding day, but your entire lives together; and continues when we arrive at your wedding dressed like guests to help us blend in and be as invisible as possible.

The Final Product of Our Eastern Melbourne Suburbs Wedding Cinematography Speaks for Itself.

Please watch all the samples on our website and contact us to see if more are available to help you see and hear the quality of our work. You will enjoy the interviews with family and wedding party, the carefully crafted story selected one shot at a time, and the music selected with your help that will get stuck in your head even when you aren’t currently watching our work. And this wedding cinematography masterpiece is not just for your enjoyment. You as a couple are products of your experiences – especially your relationships with your families and friends. Imagine the ease with which all of the special people in your life will be able to watch your cinematographic jewel – and the best part is that a teaser is available before the honeymoon is even over!