November 6, 2017 Wedding Movies

Ways To Wow Your Wedding Guests

Wondering how to step outside of tradition when it comes to your wedding? Wanting to have a personal touch that will blow your guests away? At Wedding Movies, we understand that everyone is different and each couple has their own story to tell. So we’ve put together a list of things that will really help you and your partner feel like you have made your wedding your own. These tips are our advice to really wow your wedding guests:

Photo Booth

We’re starting with a classic because there’s a reason it has become so widely loved. Photo booths are fun and can be done in so many different ways. It will always fit your theme – no matter your style! Guaranteed, your guests will love it.

Photo booths can be a range of styles themselves, from the classy sip-your-champagne type to the fun loving props-galore booth. Go all out in these! It’s a way to show your personalities and to keep the guests entertained. Whatever your style, own it. Need a little more convincing? Want something a little more fresh? You will love the new GIF photo booths. They are popping up everywhere and are quickly becoming a favourite. Definitely something that will surprise the guests!

Pre-Wedding Shoots

An idea that we LOVE at Wedding Movies is to create pre-wedding shoots to surprise your guests with. These can go as far as your imagination allows and is a great way to show your guests a bit of your fun side or your personal, sentimental side, whichever you choose!

Pre-Wedding shoots can be anything from re-enacting your favourite movie scenes to creating your own to heartfelt interviews along with footage from your engagement party. Whatever your desire, it is sure to be the life of the party and will be remembered in the years to come.

Seating Charts

Seating charts are something that we are seeing become more and more extravagant. Something that was once a simple design has become quite a statement piece recently. There are all sorts of beautiful charts but have you heard of drinkable seating charts? Sounds weird at first, I know, I thought the exact same thing.

Think of it this way. Your guests walk into the excellently decorated room where your reception will take place and instead of finding a standard seating chart, they find a champagne glass with a delicately detailed tag that has their name and table number written on it. Classy and practical. Two birds, one stone. Beyond that, it is sure to be a topic of conversation among your guests.

Same Day Edits

Another videography trend that we are loving is the idea of creating a Same Day Edit. We film your day, capturing every emotion and memory, then create a video of the highlights for your guests to watch that night at the reception. It shows your special day from the preparations all the way through to the bridal party arriving at the reception. This is always a favourite among our couples. It takes the guests by surprise and they love to see a fun recap of the day they have just been a part of!

Two Dresses

A simple way to surprise your wedding guests is to show up to your reception in another dress. Again, this can be as extravagant as you like which makes it a great way to show off your personality. Show them your daring, fun side or choose an elegant and graceful dress that will look dreamlike during your first dance. Whether you choose a bright red dress or a lacy white, it’s bound to get your guests talking.

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