May 15, 2017 Beth Watson

Top 13 ways to SAVE when planning your Wedding

So you’re now engaged (yay congratulations!) but you’re starting to realise the major price tag that comes with planning a wedding!

There are absolutely numerous ways you can save, but here are our top 13!

1. The Date

Opting for a less traditional wedding month or having a non-Saturday wedding can cut costs considerably! With that being said, having a wedding on a weekday or a Sunday can reduce the likelihood that guests will attend as they may want to have a early night before going to work the next day. A great way to solve this would be to have the wedding day near a public holiday.

2. Venue

Having your ceremony and reception at the same location, or within close proximity can reduce transport costs or cut it out all together. In addition, having a venue with natural aesthetics can reduce decor costs.

3. Catering


Having a set package with the venue that includes catering can also reduce costs. Alternatively, opting for a buffet style meal or even a simple desert buffet can also cut costs.

The cost of children’s meals is often negotiable, and choosing budget-friendly kids meals such as mac and cheese, mini sliders etc. are more cheaper and something the kids will definitely love!

4. Save the date

With the world we live in today, there is always an easier, smarter and cheaper way of doing things! Instead of having your guests RSVP through a reply card, get them to use a wedding website/app. This will help you reduce costs from paper and postage and you will most likely get your responses much faster.

Check out ‘Save the Date’ App.

5. Programs

Instead of printing programs for each person attending the ceremony, having a large calligraphed chalkboard or mirror are budget-friendly and totally in right now!

6. Have your own officiant 

Asking a friend or family member to get ordained to marry you will save you big time, AND make your ceremony that extra special.

 7. Your musician 

Having a professional musician at your ceremony can be quite costly. Try sourcing a local music school teacher that is willing to perform at weddings – and for half the cost!

8. Flowers + Centrepieces 

Get your florist to create arrangements that work for both the ceremony and the reception. Make sure you have a friend or family member that will ensure the flowers arrive safely!

Also! You may like to ask your florist to provide a mix of short and tall table arrangements for the reception. That way you can reduce the cost required for large centrepieces by having a smaller one, with towering displays that help fill any gaps.

You may even opt for candles for a more formal atmosphere for a significantly lower cost.

9. Alcohol

Don’t pay a flat rate for alcohol if your guests aren’t big drinkers, that way you are only charged for what the guests drink instead of paying for enough alcohol to cover the entire reception.

You may also want to opt for wine and beer after cocktail hour – and if you’re worried your guests may not be happy, offer a signature cocktail that is available all night. In addition, arranging for poured service instead of placing bottles on each table can save a ton!

Alternatively, you may want to BYO. Purchasing your own alcohol can be a lot more cheaper, especially bulk buying from stores like Dan Murphys.

10. Left overs

Wedding desserts often go to waste, so planning to pack a box of deserts for your guests to take home will go a long way and your guests will love it! Alternatively, you may even want to ask the caterer to send the remaining desserts to your wedding suite.

11. Student makeup artist 

Hiring a student make up artists from a reputable school to do your bridal party’s makeup will go a long way. They’ll also most likely go the extra mile to build their own brand and client base. Advertising on gumtree is an easy way to find student makeup artists.

12. Hidden costs

Be aware of surcharges that are listed within your vendor contracts, such as cake-cutting, permit fees, unexpected extra guests etc. These can really add up if you are not aware.

13. Ask for discounts!

The best way to get what you want is to ask. A lot of vendors are willing to give you discounts if you pay upfront, use their referrals, give feedback on social media, or even for making your decision to book with them on the spot.

In addition, stick to your budget and never reveal what you are willing to spend, or vendors will be less likely to reduce their prices for you.


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