We create wedding videos that are a cinematic experience.
Capturing more than just your wedding day, we craft your story into a movie you’ll love.

What The Top Melbourne Wedding Videographer Offers

When it comes to capturing video footage for your wedding, there are a lot of options out there. What many of those options don’t offer, be they the recent art school grad with their home camcorder, your cousin Bob, or a decently talented professional with outdated thinking, is the ability to tell a story through their work. One thing that is consistently noted by clients of Wedding Movies, one of the Melbourne wedding videographer elite, is a thoroughly engaging final product that is layered, well edited, and crafts the perfect wedding day narrative. By using the most experienced cinematographers in Melbourne to capture your wedding, we can deliver more than simply a wedding video; we provide you with a complete package that is an investment into your future as one and a fitting way to capture those special memories.

Wedding Movies offers a trademark cinematic filming style with high quality gear: multiple Canon DSLR cameras and lenses, along with an array of wireless microphones, jibs, dollies, glide-tracks, steady cam rigs, and drones. The quality that cannot be topped. We edit your final footage together with your choice of music, and we can even add interviews and other footage to help enhance the complete storytelling process. Come and experience the boutique Melbourne wedding videographer experience that has become all the rage. Your wedding memories deserve to be captured by professionals dedicated to providing the best service around. Give us a call on 1300 32 57 58 to schedule your consultation today.