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The go to Melbourne Wedding Cinematographers Explain How to Shoot Footage the Right Way

If you think that having the right gear plays a big part in how the final wedding video appears, you would be correct. Having equipment that shoots precisely and works well in low lighting is essential, and having multiple cameras along with external light setups for difficult shots is a must. If you assumed that gear and equipment were the only factors, however, you would be sorely mistaken. Equally as important is how your videographer decides to take those shots. If they know the principles of cinematography, the footage they obtain will be much more pleasing to look at than shots taken without a plan (even if they did come from a great camera).

To really make the most of the video capture process, a good Melbourne wedding cinematographer is going to make sure that they are out of the way. The best shots come when a cameraman isn’t a huge distraction to your guests. They will display genuine emotion, and if your wedding videographer is dialled in, they will be ready to capture these moments when they occur. A cinematic-minded wedding videographer is going to think creatively to get shots that are taken from unique angles and capture a side of the event that might have been otherwise ignored. If they are on the ball, they’ll have the “essential” wedding shots taken care of, giving them time to experiment with being creative and find what no one else can see.

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