We create wedding videos that are a cinematic experience.
Capturing more than just your wedding day, we craft your story into a movie you’ll love.

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The promise was confidently made – with a bridal company offering both photography and videography services, emphasising the value of bundling the options together. The savings would be immense, their representatives claimed, and so would the convenience. After the ceremony, however, the happy couple is less than thrilled with the results. The quality of every pixel has been greatly (negatively) affected. The pictures are dull, and the footage is weak, neither delivering the wanted beauty.

Wedding Movies believes that superior results demand superior focus, and this is why we specialise in Lebanese wedding videography packages in Melbourne – providing our clients with the tailored services they need. We don’t offer endless photography and reception options. We promote value through precision, with our team dedicating themselves to cinematography.

This dedication allows each couple to experience the vivid imagery they crave – with each Lebanese wedding video package in Melbourne boasting sweeping scenes and intimate stories. To learn more about our services (or to request a consultation with our team) contact us today either by calling 1-300-325-758 or by emailing info@weddingmovies.com.au.

The Singular Value: Seeking Lebanese Wedding Video Packages in Melbourne

The responsibility of every cinematographer is to create unforgettable keepsakes. When attentions are divided between photos and videos, however, this responsibility becomes an impossibility. Trying to reconcile multiple services offers no benefit.

We emphasise the need for specialisation. Through our Lebanese wedding videography in Melbourne, we ensure that our clients receive the attention and professionalism they deserve. Our team – all accredited by the Australian Video Producers Association – embrace a singular philosophy, avoiding the jack-of-all-trades attitude of our competitors, and allowing us to provide more effective support.

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Selecting a Lebanese Wedding Video Package in Melbourne: Our Boutique Services

Since 2002 we’ve provided couples with excellent service. Through our custom Lebanese wedding videography packages in Melbourne, we tell stories that will last a lifetime. These packages include:

  • The Highlights (up to eight hours of footage).
  • Cinematic (up to 12 hours of footage).
  • Cinematic Plus (up to 14 hours of footage).

These Lebanese wedding video packages in Melbourne each offer specific services – such as web trailers, interview splices, full-length documentaries, and more. Our clients can choose the options that best reflect their ceremonies, knowing that our team will fuse those options with multiple Canon DSLR cameras, wireless microphones, glide-tracks, steady-cams, drones, and much more. We utilise only the latest in cinematic equipment to enhance every image.

With each Lebanese wedding video package in Melbourne, we create more than high-definition pixels. We create memories, allowing couples to experience every smile, every laugh, every tear – over and over. We offer personalised results, refusing to compromise on quality or service.

To learn more about our packages, contact Wedding Movies today via our online form. We’ll quickly reply to all enquiries.