We create wedding videos that are a cinematic experience.
Capturing more than just your wedding day, we craft your story into a movie you’ll love.

The Cinematographer Tells a Story: How The Premiere Videographers in Melbourne Bring It All Together for Your Lebanese Wedding

Have you ever tried to get something done, but went in without a plan? What was the result? If you’re like most of us, it was a disjointed mess. Things have a tendency to fall apart if you go in with no idea of what you’re doing. This, unfortunately, is the way that some less experienced Lebanese wedding videographers in Melbourne choose to handle an event. They’ll rush in blindly, hope they get some acceptable footage, and then deliver a final product that, to be honest, is mostly hit or miss. We invite you to compare that haphazard approach to the one used by Wedding Movies, the premiere Lebanese wedding cinematographer in Melbourne. We’re confident you’ll find that the superior methodology lends itself to excellent results.

What Sets Wedding Movies’ Approach Apart?

To start things off, we are more than a simple wedding videographer. A videographer does that – capture video – and that alone. We prefer the term wedding cinematographer, as it more thoroughly conveys what we do: tell an interesting story.

The beginning of our process involves getting to know you and your partner as individuals. How would we accurately convey who you are on film if we don’t take the effort to understand who you are as a person? We want to know what makes you tick. Your likes and dislikes, how you met, your musical preferences, hobbies, favourite foods, etc. This helps us develop a complete picture of your personality that aids us in telling your unique story.

We get interview footage from you and your closest mates to bring the human element of your story to the forefront. We get your perspective (and their perspective) on the nature of your relationship and your best qualities. Weddings are a human experience. Doesn’t it make sense that the people closest to you are highlighted to show the humanity of your special day?

On the day of the wedding, we’ve already got a plan of approach. We know the venue, we are aware of the order of events, and we blend with the crowd to enable us to get our footage – the best collection of audio and video documentation of your event – without disturbing your guests or calling attention to ourselves. Shots of your wedding party, the guests mingling, people enjoying themselves, the band jamming, and the critical moment when the bride and groom first lay eyes upon one another. It’s all important, and it’s all captured to be remembered for a long time.

When You Need a Lebanese Wedding Videographer in Melbourne

Your best bet is Wedding Movies. As far as wedding videographers go, we’ve earned our distinction as a premium service that offers the best results available. We have brought together an experienced staff, cutting edge equipment, and a supremely efficient method for collecting and editing the best wedding footage to create a boutique brand that has earned a swath of satisfied clients. Your wedding deserves to be immortalised in such a fashion. We welcome you to learn more about what we stand for, and to contact us via our website form should you require additional information, or wish to schedule a consultation today!