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The Challenge of Putting Together an Italian Wedding Video Package in Melbourne

After months of discussing your options and weighing the pros and cons of different locations, you and your fiancé have made the decision to plan a destination wedding in Italy. First of all, congratulations are in order—first for getting engaged, and second for choosing Italy as your destination.

With its deep culture, its wealth of beautiful locations, its history for stunning architecture and its reputation for delicious food, Italy is the perfect place for a destination wedding. Thinking about a wedding photography session along the canals of Venice, around the ruins of ancient Rome or set against the backdrop of picturesque vineyards is almost reason enough to tie the knot in Italy.

How to Hire an Italian Wedding Videography Company from Melbourne

The question is, how can you put together a satisfactory Italian wedding video package when you live in Melbourne? There are numerous challenges to hiring photographers or videographers for a destination wedding. You might be able to save money by working with a local photography company, but then you have to deal with a language barrier. Plus, not getting to meet with your photography or videography team until a few days before the wedding sounds like a recipe for disaster.

The clear solution, then, is to bring your photographer and your video team with you. All you have to do is find a wedding videography company based in Melbourne that is willing to shoot your ceremony and reception in Italy. At Wedding Movies, we are precisely that company. Though we do most of our work in the Melbourne and Sydney areas, we are happy to travel nationally and internationally to capture destination weddings.

The benefits of working with Wedding Movies instead of trying to hire a local company in Rome or Tuscany are numerous. First off, from the moment you start planning your wedding in Italy, you can come into our Melbourne studio to discuss possible Italian wedding video packages. Not only will we work with you to iron out the details of your special day, but we will also strive to get to know you and your future spouse personally.

At Wedding Movies, we love hearing the stories of how people met and got engaged. We always try to incorporate those narratives into our videos, a factor that sets us apart from many other wedding video studios—not just in Melbourne, but nationally and globally as well. By getting to communicate with us extensively before your marriage, you can have peace of mind in knowing exactly how we are going to approach your wedding. Hiring a foreign company and not meeting with them until two days out is a much riskier and more stressful proposition.

Let’s Start Planning Your Special Day Immediately!

If you are interested in hiring Wedding Movies as your Melbourne-based Italian wedding videography company, call us on 1300 32 57 58 to lodge an enquiry. We can’t wait to accompany you to your destination and join you in celebrating one of the best days of your life.