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An Expert Cinematographer’s Take: Great Gear Will Make Your Italian Wedding Look Amazing in The Hands of Melbourne’s Best Wedding Videographers

How much do you know about the gear that a wedding videographer uses? If you answered “not much”, you’ll be forgiven, but have you ever wondered about what makes for good gear, and how it can affect the quality of a final product? It’s an interesting topic of discussion, and the results might not be what you may have first expected.

A note to the wise before we jump in: good gear makes little difference in the hands of a novice. One could have the best equipment in the world but still churn out a film that looks sub-par, only because they didn’t have the expertise. You’ll want to make sure you go with the right Italian wedding videographers in Melbourne to make sure your special day is captured right, but more on that later!

What Does a Wedding Videographer Use to Film?

If you were of the opinion that just any old camera would do, you might be sorely mistaken! A camera is certainly necessary, but they can’t use just one, and it can’t be of inferior quality. A well-equipped team will make use of a multiple high definition camera setup. They’ll likely take advantage of a well-known brand, like Canon DSLRs, with a choice of high quality lenses. To aid filming, they’ll also have and array of jibs, dollies, glide-tracks, steady cam rigs, and drones. This will allow them to catch the action from many angles, ensure the footage comes out clear and give them the ability to create fantastically coordinated moving shots that look like they come straight from a movie.

What about audio capture? A poorly equipped wedding cinematographer might use a single, basic microphone, and as a result capture some tinny audio that won’t fit well with the overall feel of the wedding video. If your Italian wedding videographer in Melbourne is worth their salt, however, they’ll be packing multiple high quality wireless microphones. The benefit? It allows them to capture everything at a quality that will surely be suitable for your wedding day story. Every important word spoken will be reproduced in the final video with amazing clarity that will stun you every single time you watch.

The professional wedding cinematographer will also make use of the best video and audio editing equipment that they can obtain. This means high-level computers that have the best software. They’ll be able to weave together expertly, footage and audio from the day of the wedding in a way that tells a story. They’ll weave in interviews from you and those closest to you, and when it’s all said and done, be able to upload your wedding memories in an easy to access online format that you can share with those of your choosing.

Your Choice for A Proper Italian Wedding Cinematographer in Melbourne

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more professional outfit than Wedding Movies. Our top-notch gear, wielded by our hand-picked artists, provides the winning combination for a great wedding video experience every time. We understand how special this day is, and know that there’s only one shot at getting it right. That’s why we don’t skimp on inferior equipment. If you’re ready to see how high quality gear can make the difference, give us a call on 1300 32 57 58 to get in touch!