We create wedding videos that are a cinematic experience.
Capturing more than just your wedding day, we craft your story into a movie you’ll love.

Let Melbourne’s Wedding Movies Put Together a Custom Indian Wedding Video Package Just for You

When it comes to planning a destination wedding, the natural tendency is to trim things down. Destination weddings are more expensive and complicated than weddings closer to home—particularly if you are going the international route. As such, brides and grooms who opt for the destination experience will usually have smaller wedding parties and much more selective guest lists than they would have had otherwise. Cutting down on other facets of your wedding budget—such as the photographer or the wedding video studio—might seem like a natural course of action as well.

A Defence of the Wedding Video for International Destination Weddings

At Wedding Movies, we always say that photos aren’t enough to capture your special day. So many couples opt to go with just a photographer to save money but end up regretting their decision when they don’t have a video of key moments of the wedding. Wedding photos can capture beautiful memories of your wedding day, but they don’t necessarily encapsulate the full emotion of the key moments. A photo can’t let you fully relive the poignancy of your vows or the hilarity of a great Best Man toast. A video can.

If you are planning an international wedding, there is, even more, reason to hire a wedding videography company. Your wedding destination is likely an exotic locale that won’t see again for years. Some brides and grooms tie the knot in places they have never visited before and will never visit again. You owe it to yourself to capture your few fleeting moments in those beautiful places.

Planning Your Indian Wedding Video Packages from Your Home in Melbourne

Let’s say you are getting married in India. At Wedding Movies, we can design a custom Indian wedding video package for you right from our Melbourne studio. We will discuss your plans for the day, your travel itineraries and your unique attributes as a couple. The team at Wedding Movies will then incorporate all of those facets into your wedding video, from catching you at the airport to wish you and your wedding party ‘bon voyage’ to interspersing stories about your engagement with footage from your India wedding. We will even get footage of the local area around your wedding venue—including cityscapes, time-lapse videos and more—to capture the locale as thoroughly as we can.

When you work with Wedding Movies, our Indian wedding videography team in Melbourne will encapsulate so much of your destination wedding that photos just can’t. From the excitement of boarding the plane to the strange but wonderful feeling of waking up in a foreign country on the morning of your wedding, our video will let you relive your day over and over again—almost in real time.

It doesn’t matter what the destination is. Whether you are tying the knot in India, Italy, Fiji or Hawaii, Wedding Movies is happy to accompany you and make the day even more special. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to destination weddings, we believe a video is worth a thousand pictures. Call us on 1300 32 57 58 to learn more about our international wedding packages.