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How to Personalise your Wedding

Seen more pinterest-worthy inspiration than you can handle? And still don’t know how to make your wedding feel like your own? Well, I hear you. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and listed our favourite picks for personalizing your wedding.

Video Guest Book

Here at Wedding Movies, we love videos – of course! We love to do more and capture the special token moments that you’ll want to remember for the rest of your lives, and that is why we love video guest books. There is something so special about seeing your parents or grandparents years later captured on film on your wedding day wishing you all the best and telling you how proud they are. It’s priceless. Which is precisely why it is our number one pick for personalizing your wedding.

A wedding day is crazy busy, beginning from the very first phone call in the morning where you are told a groomsmen has lost his socks. You don’t have the time to worry about small details and definitely don’t have the time to spend as long as you would like with each of your guests. Guest books solve that problem, and video guest books put someone else in charge of collecting the messages, the tears of joy and the love from all of your friends – just for you to enjoy later, not only once the honeymoon is over but for you to pull out and watch when you reach your 50th anniversary.

Time Capsule

Time capsules are another perfect idea in our books. The bride and groom write letters to each other and put them in the time capsule, hammer it shut at the ceremony and open it up on their 10th anniversary together – and why not spoil yourselves and put in a bottle of great tasting wine as well? Your future self will thank you for that anniversary gift.

You can get as creative as you want when it comes to time capsules, that’s one of the reasons why they are so great! Are you certain that you will lose a copy of your Order of Service but would love to remember it? Put it in the time capsule! Want to buy a special gift for ten years time? What a lovely surprise that would be for your partner!

Group Activity

More and more often, we are seeing destination weddings. Not only are these beautiful but they provide the perfect excuse for your guests to spoil themselves by exploring the culture or the location for themselves. Organising a group activity for your guests is definitely something that will keep them talking about your wedding for years to come.

The most common group activity we are seeing at the moment is having a wedding at the zoo. Are you an animal lover? Why not share your love for animals by organising a tour for your guests after the ceremony? Or at the museum, or aquarium, the list goes on!

Thank Your Guests

A nifty trick and sentimental touch is taking a photo specifically for your Thank You Cards. After a beautiful wedding that guests cleared their schedule for, they love nothing more than to be thanked in a personal way for being a part of such an occasion. And honestly, who doesn’t love a personal “Thank You”?

Taking a photo specifically for this purpose is a great way to make a Thank You Card feel personal without hand writing each guest a personal letter thanking them for this, that and the other. It covers all bases and is a joy to receive! Everybody loves to see the bride and groom shining with joy – and even better to receive a photo that they can keep.

Live Music

Bored of the suggestion “Choose a processional song that means a lot to you”? It’s an oldie but a goodie. Choosing a sentimental processional song really adds something special to your day and all of the guests can see it in your eyes. What takes this suggestion to a whole new level is live music. It creates an atmosphere that a CD player cannot.

Have a friend that is a musician? Even better. The sentimental value doubles when it is someone you care about singing the words for you and your partner. Plus, it lets your friend be a part of your special day!

Personalizing a Program

I am a stickler when it comes to my stationary, but this is an idea that I cannot get over – it’s so lovely! Imagine, as a guest, you sit down at your table for the reception, and the table number is decorated with photos of the bride and groom. Or a cute fact about the two of them is written on the bottom of the menu. Or there is an adorable calligraphy sign with a quote from one of them. Or card with funny stories from their journey to entertain the guests while waiting for food. Or a collage on the wall full of photos from the engagement party. The list is endless!

There are so many options with this and they are so easy to do. A very small detail that makes the world of a difference to your friends and family.

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