November 16, 2017 Wedding Movies

Bridal Party Celebrations

The life of a bride is an exciting time…but it’s made even better when you get to plan and enjoy it with your closest girl friends! There is something so special about planning an extra night with just the girls. Why not take the opportunity to include some bridal party celebrations? If you are a Bride or Maid of Honour, here are our picks of ways to make this time truly memorable as best friends:

Pamper Day

Planning a wedding is hard work! Besides, in all honesty, why not use any excuse to have a day out getting spoiled with the girls? After the busyness and stress that all of the bridal party endures, a pamper day is great way to reward yourself for all of your efforts. Tip: as a Maid of Honour, this is the perfect surprise to give your best friend. Trust us, she’ll love a day to relax!

Pamper days are only limited by your imagination. Want to plan big? Kidnap the bride for the weekend and have a beauty retreat! A much needed weekend away is ideal and it will definitely be a trip that will not easily be forgotten. Or, if you would rather a smaller and more intimate feel, put on your own Pamper Day at home! If DIY is your style, make each girl a little pamper pack and enjoy it together. It’s a cute way to show how much you care for them and make some memories before they say ‘I do’.

Dress Fittings

An idea that will last far longer than a night out is to have your very own version of “Say Yes To The Dress”. What do we mean by this? Have a Pre Wedding shoot where a videographer follows you and the girls on your journey of searching for your bridal gown. Catch all of the laughter and the tears as you search together; you can even include interviews with your bridesmaids. Have them tell a funny story about your relationship or a sentimental moment. You can play it at your wedding reception, or even just keep a copy of it to watch again in the years to come.

Wedding Theme Night

There is nothing better than a chilled night in with the girls. Including this in your bridal party celebrations is always a winner among the girls. Watching cheesy wedding movies with them in the lead up to your special day is tradition, right?

Putting on a night to hang out with the girls is an ideal way to unwind and make memories. Make the night really special by having a theme. If you’re planning on watching “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” (and let’s be honest, how could you skip past that classic?), have a Greek night! Or any theme that you want. Enjoy having a small sleepover, just like when you were in high school together.

Road Trip

Life changes once you are married. Life gets busy and before you know it you’re looking at buying a house and are expecting your first child. Take this moment as a chance to plan one more road trip with your girls. Get away and make some memories in a place that is special to you. It’s definitely a bridal party celebration that you will never regret.

Photo Shoot

Love everything ‘instagram worthy’? This is ideal for you. Having a photo shoot with your bridal party before you get to the big day is quickly becoming a beloved celebration. It’s a way to have some great fun as well as getting some gorgeous photos of you all! It would also make the perfect present to give your girls, thanking them for all of their help.