Unique Wedding Video Packages Available in Melbourne

Every wedding day is unique, and it should be. Even if most ceremonies and receptions hit a number of requisite wedding components (the vows, the kiss, the speeches, the father/daughter dance, the first dance, etc.), the day is made unique and …read more.

Wedding Movies Provides Wedding Videography For Melbourne Weddings

Wedding Movies has been creating award winning, cinematic wedding movies since 2002. With more than ten years of experience filming our passion, we have become experts at cinematic storytelling. We are not a videography company that films weddings; we are wedding cinematographers. We don’t just film your …read more.

Wedding Movies Makes Memories with Wedding Video Packages in South Yarra

After months of preparation and planning, your wedding day is a special day that you will want to remember for the rest of your lives. The beautiful day that started your lives together will be one you want to capture forever, and you will only have one chance to do it right. A Wedding Movie captures more …read more.

Don’t Search for a Wedding Videographer – Brighton Weddings Deserve More!

At Wedding Movies, we do not like the term “videographer”. We are not a company that you book to have an old fashioned, boring video documenting your wedding, filmed from the back of the room with a …read more.

Don’t Search For A Wedding Videographer; Melbourne Weddings Deserve Better!

At Wedding Movies, we don’t like the term “wedding videographer.” A videographer is someone standing at the back of your wedding, filming the day from the back of the church, straining to …read more.

Wedding Movies Offers More Than Just a Wedding Videographer in South Yarra

At Wedding Movies, we are not wedding videographers. Wedding Movies is an award winning, trusted team of cinematographers, who have been capturing love stories for more than ten years. Our team is made up of …read more.

Wedding Movies Provides Cinematic Wedding Videography in Brighton

Wedding Memories began in 2002 and has since become a trusted and award winning brand. Our success has come from following our passion for telling the stories of true love. We are not just a videography company that films weddings; we are a wedding cinematography company. With studios in Richmond and …read more.

Wedding Movies Goes Beyond Wedding Videography in South Yarra

Why search for wedding videography, South Yarra weddings deserve so much more! Wedding Movies is more than just a videography company. We are a company of filmmakers, specialising in the art of …read more.

Capture Your Love Story, with the Right Wedding Cinematographer in Brighton

On your wedding day, you deserve to have your love story captured like it is the subject of a great Hollywood romance. Anyone can capture video of the ceremony or reception, especially in the age of …read more.

Why You Should Book a Wedding Cinematographer in Melbourne

These days, many soon-to-be-wed couples are looking to slash as many expenses for their wedding as possible. It’s not difficult to see why: weddings are expensive, from reserving a hall for the ceremony, to paying for dinner and …read more.

Invest in a Great Wedding Cinematographer in South Yarra!

At Wedding Movies, one of the most trusted and longest running wedding cinematography companies near South Yarra, we often explain to our customers that we are neither the lowest-cost wedding cinematographer in the area, nor the …read more.

Non-Invasive Wedding Cinematography in Brighton

We’ve all heard horror stories about nightmare wedding photographers or cinematographers. From the photographer who shows up in jeans and a t-shirt, looking like a slob at an otherwise elegant and formal event, to the …read more.

Wedding Movies: A Fully Professional and Accredited Wedding Cinematographer in Melbourne

When you get a haircut you don’t like, you simply make a not to yourself not to return to that hairdresser in the future. When you have a bad experience at a restaurant, you cross that restaurant off your list of …read more.

Filmmakers, Not Videographers: Get the Best Wedding Cinematography Services in South Yarra

When many people think of the term ‘wedding videographer,’ they think of an uncle or friend, filming a wedding ceremony or reception on a cheap camcorder from the back of the room. The video quality is poor and shaky, the audio is almost non-existent and the finished product is shoddy at …read more.

Let Our Wedding Video Packages in Brighton Exceed Your Every Expectation!

At Wedding Movies, we are in the business of exceeding expectations. Our wedding video packages aren’t just some of the best in Brighton-both in terms of value and quality-but we also always try to go above and beyond the call of …read more.

Three Reasons to Include a Cinematographer in Your Mt Dandenong Wedding Budget

It’s understandable that some brides and grooms want to keep their wedding budgets as modest as possible. Whether you are paying for the event out of your own pocket or trying to save your parents some money, you have probably gone over everything from the …read more .

Don’t Let Your Wedding Day Become a Blur: Give Yourself a Chance to Relive It by Hiring a Wedding Cinematographer in Western Suburbs Melbourne

Have you and your fiancé recently gotten engaged or set a date for your wedding? First of all, congratulations on this huge milestone. With lots of love and (more than) a little bit of concentrated planning, your wedding day can and should be the …read more .

Make Your Love Story the Stuff of Epic Film, with the Right Wedding Cinematographer in Yarra Valley

Your wedding day is first and foremost a grand celebration of love. However, it is also a pivotal moment in the love story you have shared with your fiancé so far. The moment up at the altar where you say ‘I Do’ to the person you love is the culmination …read more .

How to Choose the Right Wedding Video Package for Your Mt Dandenong Celebration

It goes without saying that organising the perfect wedding day takes plenty of planning and hard work. There are many different components to consider when plotting out a wedding, from hammering out the guest list to choosing the venue. Add all of …read more .

Don’t Wait Months to See Your Wedding Videos; Hire Wedding Movies for More Satisfying Video Packages in Western Suburbs Melbourne

The impulse is a natural one: you wake up on your wedding day after months or years of planning, get ready, get married and have fun. It’s the perfect day, one that you will remember for the rest of your life. Once the whole thing is over, though, it can …read more .

The go to Melbourne Wedding Cinematographers Explain How to Shoot Footage the Right Way

If you think that having the right gear plays a big part in how the final wedding video appears, you would be correct. Having equipment that shoots precisely and works well in low lighting is essential, and having multiple cameras along with external …read more .

How Wedding Movies Is Taking Melbourne Wedding Cinematography to a New Level

When you think wedding video, what do you envision? Horror stories of shaky, grainy video captured by a fledgeling “videographer” who had no experience but got the job only because he underbid all the professionals? No doubt you’ve heard of some bad wedding …read more .

Who Offers the Most Diverse Melbourne Wedding Video Packages?

One complaint you’ll hear many people voice when dealing with wedding video companies is the extreme rigidity of their wedding packages. For whatever reason, they feel the need to lock clients in to a single mode of doing things, without understanding …read more .

What The Top Melbourne Wedding Videographer Offers

When it comes to capturing video footage for your wedding, there are a lot of options out there. What many of those options don’t offer, be they the recent art school grad with their home camcorder, your cousin Bob, or a decently talented professional …read more .

Melbourne Wedding Videography Reaching for New Heights With Wedding Movie Trailers

Trailers. You’ve seen them dozens of times before. These sharply cut advertisements of upcoming feature films take a film and distill it down to its essence. No other promotional tool can do quite as much in raising a profile for a movie and excite …read more .

Make Quality a Factor in Your Melbourne Wedding Videos

Here’s something you may not have realised: the wedding video industry is an unregulated one. What does that mean? Unlike a skilled trade (an electrician for example) who will come to your home bearing all manner of certifications and qualifications …read more .

What Choices do I Have for Wedding Cinematographers and Cinematography in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne?

Think it isn’t worth the cost and effort to choose high-end Wedding cinematographer for your wedding in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne? Think again. Wedding Movies is here to change your mind. A movie of your wedding will capture all of the sights …read more .

Choose Wedding Movies as Your Wedding Cinematographer in Mornington Peninsula for an Unforgettable Experience

“Yes, of course I’ll marry you!” From the moment those words are uttered, couples find themselves immersed in the details of planning their once-in-a-lifetime ceremony. From the venue, dress, and cake to the seating charts and flower arrangements, much …read more .

Find the Perfect Provider of Wedding Videos in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne – Pick out the Timeless Video Packages Created by Wedding Movies.

Now that you have stumbled upon our website you are probably looking to see what kind of wedding packages we offer. Well, the better question is to ask what kind of wedding video packages we don’t offer! We offer personalised service to help you plan and …read more .

Select Wedding Movies for Our Wedding Video Packages in Mornington Peninsula and be the Star of Your Very Own Love Story

A key element in many popular television programs is the romantic development between two characters. Often the spark of the characters’ initial meeting, their ongoing flirtation, and their natural chemistry lead the audience on an emotional roller …read more .

Stunning Wedding Video Packages in Yarra Valley by Wedding Movies

There is nothing that quite captures the emotion of a wedding day like professionally shot and produced wedding videos. Not only does a video capture the bride, the groom, their families, and their friends, but it also gives you a stunning second look …read more .

Who is the Best of the Wedding Videographers and Providers of Videography in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne?

Best is a word that you might find hard to define. The best quality? The best service? The best price? At Wedding Movies, we would like to think that we are all of the above. We are not just videographers – we are filmmakers specialising in the art of cap …read more .

Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer for Your Mornington Peninsula Wedding

With your wedding planning moving forward, it is time to consider having a wedding videographer at your Mornington Peninsula wedding. We understand that your wedding day is one of the most important occasions in your entire life. It will also go by very …read more .

Wedding Videography: The Importance of Choosing a Wedding Videographer in Mt Dandenong

A wedding day is a unique event in our lives. Some believe the wedding ceremony itself is the most important part of the day. For others, it’s the laughter and emotion of the reception. For the Wedding Movies team, it is the start-to-finish experience. It …read more .

Hire a Wedding Videographer near Western Suburbs of Melbourne to Complete the Perfect Wedding

A lot of work goes into planning a wedding. To pull off the perfect day, you need to put in the time to take care of every last detail. One thing that every couple should put near the top of that list is securing a wedding videographer near the Western …read more .

Wedding Videography Basics, From the Wedding Videographer Yarra Valley Trusts

Have you ever stopped to wonder about what goes into shooting a great wedding video? Not the kind that can be done by any untrained amateur with their very first camera, but a high quality film experience that really tells the story of that significant …read more .

Enjoy Personalised Services for Your Wedding Videos in Melbourne

Are you unique? Do your character and experiences come together to make you different? Is your story one whose details cannot be easily summed up in a generic paragraph? If you’re like most respondents to these questions, the answer is “yes” to all of …read more .

Searching for Asian Wedding Cinematographers in Melbourne? Wedding Movies Delivers Experienced Videographer Services.

It’s an offer given with the best of intentions. A friend wishes to film a wedding, wanting to capture every moment. It’s his gift to the bride, and she happily agrees – touched by the sentiment and trusting him to do justice to her …read more .

Wedding Movies: Based in Melbourne, but Happy to Put Together Asian Wedding Video Packages for Your International Celebration

Do you hail from Japan? Are you heading back home for your wedding ceremony? Or are you perhaps planning a destination wedding in China? In either case, if you are looking for an Asian wedding videography company in Melbourne, look no …read more .

Embrace Your Heritage with Every Frame, Choosing Wedding Movie’s Experienced Greek Wedding Videographers in Melbourne

It’s a cultural confusion – with a videographer stumbling through a ceremony, unable to understand the nuances of every moment, unable to capture the intimacy of every word. He’s unfamiliar with his client’s customs, and he’s also …read more .

Capture the Beauty of Your Greek Wedding, with the Right Video Package from Wedding Movies in Melbourne

Stunning seaside views; gorgeous sunsets; remarkable rock formations; beautiful buildings and towns. These are just a few of the perks that you will enjoy if you decide to tie the knot with your fiancé in Greece. If you are going …read more .

Enjoy The Benefit of a Top Notch Cinematographer, Hire The Best Videographers in Melbourne for Your Indian Wedding

Weddings are a special day that should be memorialised in an appropriate fashion. You’ve likely spent a long time planning – setting the date, picking the place, creating a guest list, and of course, hiring professionals from various …read more .

Let Melbourne’s Wedding Movies Put Together a Custom Indian Wedding Video Package Just for You

When it comes to planning a destination wedding, the natural tendency is to trim things down. Destination weddings are more expensive and complicated than weddings closer to home—particularly if you are going the international route …read more .

An Expert Cinematographer’s Take: Great Gear Will Make Your Italian Wedding Look Amazing in The Hands of Melbourne’s Best Wedding Videographers

How much do you know about the gear that a wedding videographer uses? If you answered “not much”, you’ll be forgiven, but have you ever wondered about what makes for good gear, and how it can affect the quality of a final product? It’s …read more .

The Challenge of Putting Together an Italian Wedding Video Package in Melbourne

After months of discussing your options and weighing the pros and cons of different locations, you and your fiancé have made the decision to plan a destination wedding in Italy. First of all, congratulations are in order—first …read more .

Make The Right Cinematographer Choice: How Your Jewish Wedding Can Benefit from Expert Videographers in Melbourne

What’s one of the most important factors in whether or not an individual or a team can get the job done correctly? It’s something that goes far beyond mere luck, and it’s something that cannot be substituted, no matter what claims folks …read more .

Create Long-Lasting Keepsakes with Jewish Wedding Video Packages in Melbourne

The photo seems an old thing – its corners curled, its pixels hazy. It sits forlornly in a binder, surrounded by images that are just as dusty. Long ago, it captured a happy memory. Now it causes you to squint, trying to decipher both the …read more .

The Cinematographer Tells a Story: How The Premiere Videographers in Melbourne Bring It All Together for Your Lebanese Wedding

Have you ever tried to get something done, but went in without a plan? What was the result? If you’re like most of us, it was a disjointed mess. Things have a tendency to fall apart if you go in with no idea of what you’re doing. This …read more .

In Need of Lebanese Wedding Video Packages in Melbourne? Schedule a Videography Consultation with Wedding Movies Today.

The promise was confidently made – with a bridal company offering both photography and videography services, emphasising the value of bundling the options together. The savings would be immense, their representatives claimed …read more .